Why to Count ?

People counter - Traffic counter

Visitor´s Traffic Counters / further TC only / find their wide use above all in the Retail sector. TCs are used both in shops as well as in Shopping Malls. Apart of the Retail sector the TCs are as well used in people traffic monitoring and counting in the Airports, Railway Stations, Public Transport vehicles, Libraries, Metros, Sport Centres, etc.

The only proved and reliable way to increase your sales performance and your staff costs cuts is based on a monitoring & analyzing the visitor’s traffic in your stores by using a proper Traffic Counters technology. Nowadays with more retailers aggressively searching for ways to boost stagnant sales, traffic counting systems are becoming an integral part of a modern company managing strategy.

How does a traffic counting system improve sales and profits?

The answer is that “You improve what you measure“. By sales effectiveness is meant the store closing ratio or conversion rate of visitors to customers by comparing your traffic data with the outputs from your checkouts results. Another important and most crucial parameter is the ratio of staff to visitors influencing this conversion rate by providing a better service. This crucial information is generated by traffic counters and point of sales. Closing ratio and store traffic data help a retail organization measure more precisely (and improve) the effectiveness of every action taken from changes to staffing levels to Improvements in inventory, layout, display and marketing.

When you measure traffic and closing ratio ( i.e. the rate of visitors to number of customers ) than you have the information you need to improve:

  • Staff levels ( eliminate over/understaffing )
  • Layout and merchandising impact
  • Window/display draw
  • Average time spent in store
  • Mall performance
  • Manager effectiveness ( influence on the traffic performance )
  • Marketing spending effectiveness
  • Personnel motivation System (KPI)
  • and much more