Library protection of books

Library protection of books
Diamond EM Premium

With its modern transparent looks – high density plexiglas in combination with a solid stainless steel construction – the Diamond™ EM Premium system gives an extremely luxurious appearance to any library environment. The Diamond™ EM Premium system reduces unauthorized removal of library items by detecting the EM tags in any orientation.

Library protection of books
Library ELLIPSE 2020 System

The Ellipse 2020™ is a proven and established system in the range of Dialoc ID EM solutions, designed to create optimal effectiveness for security in any library environment. The Ellipse 2020™ system reduces aunauthorized removal of library items by detecting EM tags and using high quality advanced EM technology. The Ellipse 2020 is specially designed to be installed in libraries.

Library protection of books
Sappfire EM Staff station

The best way to manage your valuable library materials.
The Sapphire™ Staff Station series is designed for converting, programming and identifying library labels in books, magazines etc.

Library protection of books
RFID Sapphire SelfCheck

The Sapphire™ self service unit comes standard without software, but is optionally available with full circulation software including check-in, check-out and renew functions. Upon request preconfigured to an LMS (Library Management System) through SIP2, which is completely supported, and is SIP3 and NCIP ready once this new standard is valid.

Library protection of books
Hybrid RFID/EM Staff and Self Service station

Circulation System
Today self service in libraries is a powerful and crucial service to patrons.
The Sapphire™ is an ergonomically designed hi-tech self service unit that fits perfectly into the logistic process.
It’s modular construction gives all the flexibility to libraries who want to migrate to different identification technology today and in the future