How to improve sales ?


Monitoring the movement of visitor traffic is a key metric in evaluating the performance of a store or a shopping centre. With increased competition and current recession decreasing retail sales it is imperative that retailers use footfall intelligence to minimize costs and maximize their sale conversion rates. In the past number of years people counting or footfall measurement has become a strong business tool in analyzing customer trends, and as an aid in optimizing a stores performance while highlighting its inefficiencies. Advertising and marketing campaigns can be evaluated for the return on investment. During a marketing campaign the number of customers visiting your store or shopping centre may increase, but this may not be translated into sales, thus highlighting a potential impediment to sales that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. In fact you may be falsely under the illusion your marketing and advertising campaign is not effective when in reality the number of visitors increased. The deployment of staff can be optimized by analyzing the real time and historical visitor count. Understaffing, whereby sales are lost and overstaffing which leads to higher overhead costs can be highlighted, optimized and streamlined thus increasing the store's or shopping centre's cost performance and efficiency. Customer count to sale conversion ratios /i.e. “sales effectiveness/ can be calculated per store. This KPI (Key Performance Indicator) can be used to compare stores across the whole group thus highlighting areas of improvement with respect to staff training, location, local advertising and as an incentive to local store managers to improve their store's sales position.ata alone cannot