AC SYSTEMS, s.r.o. is a long-time reliable supplier of products and services since 1995 for a wide spectrum of a Retail stores with a broad offer of merchandise, Retail chains and Shopping Malls. Effectively helps to their clients to increase sales, reduce goods shrinkage and Library fonds by theft and  to gain the operational savings. In respect to its broad spectrum of security products and know-how  can AC SYSTEMS provide their customers with turn key solution of the complex security situation.

People Counting

Transfer your visitors to customers!

With competition from traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers, online stores and everything in between, today's stores need to make the most of every customer that comes through their doors. Without a clear idea of shopper behavior and conversion rates, retailers are forced to make business strategies that don't take into account key facts about their customers. Accurately measuring footfall and using this to generate detailed retail analytics is at the core of what we do.

Marketing efectivness measurement

Make sure your marketing is effective !

Advertising and marketing campaigns can be evaluated for the return on investment. During a marketing campaign the number of customers visiting your store or shopping centre may increase, but this may not be translated into sales, thus highlighting a potential impediment to sales that would otherwise have gone nnoticed. In fact you may be falsely under the illusion your marketing and advertising campaign is not effective when in reality the number of visitors increased.


Limit shrinkage of your goods by theft !

EAS /Electronic Article Surweillace/ refers to a range of retail security solutions including security labels, security tags, pins as well as the appropriate deactivation devices and detectors. There are a wide range of EAS technologies namely RF, AM, EM and Line Security apart of miner area of RFID based systems. Not all of them can be satisfactory applied for any sort of merchandise protection. The choice should be left on EAS experts for a best results. AC SYSTEMS has a record of more than 25 years experience in this field for a reliable and satisfactory services.