Family of Counters

Following a succesful series of infrared based counter 3000 series Iirisys had introduced at the end of 2015 the brend new series of advanced People Counters under name of Gazelle and Gazelle 2.

Gazelle  and Gazelle 2 Overview

  • Operation independent of ambient light

  • Minimal set up, now possible also using Bluetooth technology

  • Full remote configuration capability

  • Lower ongoing support costs; minimal return visit requirements and industry leading low-cost of ownership

  • Flexibility of mounting heights from 2.2 to 7.5m (6.8 ft to 24.6 ft)

  • Highly accurate, verifiable counting performance

  • Robust and accurate counting algorithms

  • Flexible configuration for a wide range of applications

  • Built-in data log with time stamped and variable time periods

  • Non-volatile setting storage

  • User-definable virtual count lines

  • Web browser setup tool for remote configuration

  • Built-in relays for data input and output functions (2 input, 2 output)

  • Up to 16 count lines and 32 count registers for multi-directional counting and additional advanced line logic operations

  • DualView option available for even better accuracy, online monitoring and service with a possibility to provide clients with accuracy audit