EM Gates

EM Gates
Ellipse 2020

The Ellipse 2020 is designed for retail stores who require a minimum height of 1800 mm. The antenna is constructed in solid polyurethane with a dove-grey
finish. Its streamlined design integrates effectivily into any environment.

EM Gates
Pentor Plex 3030

The Pentor 3030 antenna is designed for retail shops to provide crystal clear protection for those who require optimal performance and transparency. The construction of scratch-resistance acrylic with multi-wire construction offers the most refined design in any retail environment.

EM Gates
Diamond EM Premium

RDU, DA927 & Roller Deactivator
Depending on the type and size of EM tag
• Single aisle width System 2: up to 0.90 meter
• Dual aisle width System 3 : up to 1.80 meter
• Fully digital configuration (DSP)
• Visual and audio alarm
• Advanced electromagnetic EM technology
• Remote maintenance
• Magnetic media safe
• Multiple gate solutions are possible
EM specification:
• Operating frequency: 366 Hz.
• Supported tags: all Dialoc ID EM tags and various EM tag suppliers
• People counter with display
Antenna: 655 x 100 x 1900 mm (w x d x h)
Base : 705 x 120 x 20 mm (w x d x h)
Panel: High density clear PMMA 20mm plexiglass, weather and
UV resistant, 92% light transmission
Base: Stainless steel
Weight: 34kg.
Diamond™ EM Premium
EM security detection system
With its modern transparent looks – high density plexiglass in combination with a
solid stainless steel construction - the Diamond™ EM Premium system gives an
extremely luxurious appearance to any library environment.
The Diamond™ EM Premium system reduces unauthorized removal of library items by detecting the EM tags in any orientation