What should you avoid at counting ?

Why NOT to apply the Side-break for precise people counting ?

Visitor's traffic statistic is essential and respected marketing tool in competition fight for customers and sales nowadays. It is used as a tool for improving sales and costs reducing. Statistic must be reliable and precise if you want to make a maximum use of this tool..
The Side-break based people counters counts at the point of the IR beam-.interruption. With Side-break method for  people counting, you cannot avoid to make a fatal counting mistakes. In this case, the statistic is totally useless for sales management & marketing purposes and as well for finding the ways how to increase sales and revenues.

1/ Unreliable counting - Statistic devolution

  • When more visitors than one come side by side to the entrance, the Side-break makes one count only.
  • When some visitor stays in the beam-path, the Side-break doesn`t count another incoming visitors.
  • The Side-break cannot eliminate browsing visitors in the path of the IR beam, browsing people create thus multiplecounting of the same visitor.
  • The Side break System does not provide counting in both directions in most cases.

2/ Human factor failure - Fatal statistics devolution

  • The staff may put some ware or anything else into the path of the IR beam. The Side-break doesn't count thus any visitors at all.
  • The staff may forget to reset the counter. Statistic is then lost.

3/ Complicated data collecting

  • The data must be collected and sorted in most cases manually by personnel.
  • Usually it is not possible to restore the traffic data from the past. Staistic is lost.

4/ Expensive and complicated service

  • The Side-break is in the space, where people and stuff move, it could be also damaged easily.
  • The Side-break cannot be adjusted and controlled over internet. The service is slow-gaited.


The beam is in the space, where people browse. Beam cannot sort them and they will be counted many times.
Employee moved the shelf into the path of the beam. The beam cannot then count any visitors.