4 Alarm - upmost security

4 Alarm - upmost security

WAVE 4-Alarm Extreme-security-Tags.

Store security staff in sensitive and high value stores often report professional thieves with special tool as like detacher-hooks or magnets. However the best protection, the self-alarming WG IR 4-alarm labels family. Any unauthorized attempt to open a tag and every manipulation or tampering, even with a stolen original detacher is recognized by the 4-Alarm tag which immediately alarms.

Alarm 1: The alarm of the Wave 4-alarm tag is triggered when the tag enters the detection field of an EAS system.  The tag alarm persists for a defined period, even if the thief tries to escape through the mall or out of the house.

Alarm 2: The EAS-system-alarm of is triggered by the Wave 4-alarm tag, as traditional labels do.

Alarm 3: The Wave tag immediately triggers an alarm if the label is damaged or when the steel lanyard is cut. So the thief is revealed immediately and on the spot.

Alarm 4: Wave 4-alarm labels have a code monitored super-lock closure. Standard detacher are too weak and even an attempt at theft with a Super Lock fails because the Wave 4-alarm tag recognizes  "unauthorized” detacher´s and immediately sounds an alarm.